We are gaming

We are gaming is based in the northeast of the United kingdom and was founded in 2023 by Hugo and Jo after a hobby gone wrong. “We just kept on buying Magic: the Gathering and Pokemon until we had playsets of everything and eventually we had lots of cards spare and nothing more to buy.” Instead of buying singles, we targeted bigger trading card collections and sold the spares, quite often keeping what we wanted in the first place at little to no cost.

Hugo and Jo from We are Gaming
Jo (right) Is an avid ONEPIECE tcg player who loves gaming and the social aspect of card games, out of the two she is the only one bringing home the winner cards. Hugo (left) is an accomplished Magic: the Gathering player with an impressive 14 round undefeated run on Grand prix Barcelona in 2008. He won Dutch nationals and represented the Netherlands in the 2008 world championship in Memphis.

After a while we actively started buying collections to sell. At a certain point, the numbers weren’t deemed hobby-worthy anymore and we’ve decided to continue as a professional seller.

In 2024 we took on another business adventure and decide to create a TCG of our own called Loyalty TCG

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